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Staff Application

What is your in-game name?
answer each question below the question itself (remove me when answering)

Question 2 » What is your Discord name? (eg: AkaGiant#0001)

Question 3 » How old are you? (if you do not want your age public please type "I confirm that I am over the age of 13")
Question 4 » What timezone are you in?
Question 5 » What languages do you speak?

Question 6 » Have you ever been a staff member before? if so what was your rank? what were your duties? if you have never been a staff member please type "N/A" (Important, explain in a lot of detail)

Question 7 » Why are you no longer working on the aforementioned server? if you have never been a staff member please type "N/A"

Question 8 » When did you first start playing Eternal Realms?
Joined server while under maintenance

Question 9 » How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to Eternal Realms in-game, in discord and on the forums?
4-10 daily so like 28-40

Question 10 » Are you able to record & upload proof of hackers to YouTube, discord & Imgur through the use of video recording and screenshotting tools?
Question 11 » Why should we choose you to become a staff member here on Eternal Realms? (Important, explain in a lot of detail)
I have great mindset and great idea a to help grow and make the server more fun to play and enjoy

- Scenario Questions -

Question 1 » If you had a friend in the server, someone you were quite close to and you realised they were breaking a rule on the server. How would you handle that
Warn them to stop and if they do not ban them or tell higher authorities

Question 2 » You spot another staff member abusing their powers, what do you do?
Screenshot and show owners in discord

Question 3 » You have punished a player for breaking a rule and now that player is accusing you of abusing your power how do you handle this situation?
Make sure I screenshot Ted and have proof of why he was banned and show the owners

Question 4 » Someone has asked you a question about the server and you do not know the answer, what do you do?
I’ll say give me one second and contact another staff member or say do /help

Question 5 » The server is crashing, everyone is freaking out, spamming, swearing and so forth, what do you do?
Tell them to relax the server is going to fixed shortly
Question 6 » A player is asking you to do something that you know would be classed as "abuse of power" what do you do?
I simply say I cannot do that

Question 7 » Two players are having a massive argument in chat, it's disturbing other players and they are complaining about it to you. How do you handle that situation?
Tell them both to relax and if not I will
Muted/kick and if continues after I will
Ban them for 1 hour


Staff member
Jan 6, 2020
Hey there

Unfortunately i'm not going to be able to move you forward in the process of becoming staff because your application lacks any detail at all. I recommend amending your application and make the application feel like you actually care and detail as much as you can.

Thank you