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Punishment Appeal Information (Read!)

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Eternal Realms Punishment Appeal

If you have been punished on either our Minecraft Server, Discord or Forums and are wanting to appeal the punishment, this is how!

There are two possible ways to appeal a punishment; the first and fastest is through our forums which is located here, or by emailing our support teaml at Either way you do this the following format is to be used. Any appeals NOT following this format will be denied and you will be asked to either create a new appeal, or amend your current appeal by a member of the staff team.

If you have a forums account you can simply copy and paste the highlighted text, post it in a new thread and fill it out.

If you do NOT have a forums account you can create one here

If you have been banned from any of our servers and attempt to re-join it with another Minecraft Account or in anyway evade the ban, your appeal will be denied and it will be moved to an IP Permanent Ban with no appeal chance!

If you do not want to make a forums account then you can email however, this can take a lot longer to be processed (up-to 1 week)

----]- COPY FROM HERE -[----

Platform: (Discord, Minecraft, Forums)
If Minecraft, what server?
Punished by:
Date of punishment:
Why you should be unbanned/unmuted:
Screenshot of punishment:

----]- STOP COPYING HERE -[----

----]- EXAMPLE, DO NOT COPY -[----

My IGN: AkaGiant
Platform: Minecraft
If Minecraft, what server? Towny
Punished by: _Silvyis_
Reason: Use of illigal modifications
Date of punishment: 28th May 2020
Why you should be unbanned: i believe i should be unbanned because...
Screenshot of punishment:
----]- DO NOT COPY -[----

Direct messaging any staff member asking to be un-banned will not lead to you being un-banned, they will only direct you to this post.​
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