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Staff Application Guide! Read before posting!!

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Eternal Realms Staff Application!

So you want to become a Staff Member? Well, there is some information you're going to need to know first!

The application process of being a staff member is simple! all you have to do is read the following guidelines and ensure you follow it. Here at Eternal Realms, we strive to hire the best of the best that's why we ask you to answer the questions in as much detail as possible and ensure you answer the question that was asked!

The responsibility of a staff member changes depending on the role you have, if you're application is accepted you will be invited for an interview. If you are accepted from the interview you will be placed in a trail position with the rank of JrMod, your activity in-game, in discord and on the forums will all be monitored for the trial period. You will also have responsibilities which we will discuss with you in detail if you are accepted into the Staff Team!

To apply for a Staff Member position please do the following;

Step 1: Ensure you have made an account to this forums
Step 2: Create a thread here!
Step 3: Copy & Paste the questions located inside of this thread into the thread you have created
Step 4: Fill out all of the questions
Step 5: Click "Post Thread"

Congratulations, if you followed these steps you should have just created your staff application!

- Requirements! -
You must meet the standards stated below to be considered for a position on the Staff Team if you lie here your application will be denied and you will receive a 2 Month ban from being able to create another staff application!

You must be 13 years old or older at the time of posting this application.
You must have Discord & Working Microphone.
You must be able to record and upload to YouTube in 720p 30fps (if you are unsure of how to do this, assistance can be given.)
You must have the ability to screenshot in-game, in discord and in the forums and upload it to both Discord and
You must be able to contribute at least 2 hours per day to the in-game Server, Discord, and Forums.
You must have logged at least 10 hours in-game (any Eternal Realms server)
You must have had no severe disciplinary actions taken against you within the last month (31 days)
You must be able to attend an interview if your application is accepted (Verbal Communication required)

Copy From Here

- Staff Application Questions! -
The questions listed below must be answered without the assistance of another player or Staff Member, do not copy another member's application as this will terminate your application and you will be suspended from making an application for two weeks. Please try to answer all the questions in as much detail as possible. If you have any questions about a specific question please ask a member of the staff team (i.e. "I'm not sure how to answer question 2, what is it asking me?" this is a suitable question. "Yo what do I put for question 2" is not a suitable question.)

- Generic Questions -
Question 1 » What is your in-game name?
answer each question below the question itself (remove me when answering)

Question 2 » What is your Discord name? (eg: AkaGiant#0001)

Question 3 » How old are you? (if you do not want your age public please type "I confirm that I am over the age of 13")

Question 4 » What timezone are you in?

Question 5 » What languages do you speak?

Question 6 » Have you ever been a staff member before? if so what was your rank? what were your duties? if you have never been a staff member please type "N/A" (Important, explain in a lot of detail)

Question 7 » Why are you no longer working on the aforementioned server? if you have never been a staff member please type "N/A"

Question 8 » When did you first start playing Eternal Realms?

Question 9 » How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to Eternal Realms in-game, in discord and on the forums?

Question 10 » Are you able to record & upload proof of hackers to YouTube, discord & Imgur through the use of video recording and screenshotting tools?

Question 11 » Why should we choose you to become a staff member here on Eternal Realms? (Important, explain in a lot of detail)

- Scenario Questions -

Question 1 » If you had a friend in the server, someone you were quite close to and you realised they were breaking a rule on the server. How would you handle that

Question 2 » You spot another staff member abusing their powers, what do you do?

Question 3 » You have punished a player for breaking a rule and now that player is accusing you of abusing your power how do you handle this situation?

Question 4 » Someone has asked you a question about the server and you do not know the answer, what do you do?

Question 5 » The server is crashing, everyone is freaking out, spamming, swearing and so forth, what do you do?

Question 6 » A player is asking you to do something that you know would be classed as "abuse of power" what do you do?

Question 7 » Two players are having a massive argument in chat, it's disturbing other players and they are complaining about it to you. How do you handle that situation?

Stop Copying Here

Thank you for taking to time to apply for a Staff Member Role on Eternal Realms, you should expect a response within two weeks of posting your application! If you are accepted we will contact you queering for a time and date for an interview! If you do not hear back from us within two weeks please assume your application has been denied. Please do not ask members of the staff team to read your application, if you do this your application can and will be denied without warning.

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